Drink and Dine for San Francisco Youth! 


NEW LOGO HuckleberryHuckleberry’s mission is to educate, inspire, and support underserved youth to develop healthy life choices, to maximize their potential, and to realize their dreams. Since 1967, we have accomplished this by providing San Francisco and Marin youth and their families with a network of services and opportunities offered by caring peers and adults.

Our flagship program, Huckleberry House, was founded 47 years ago in San Francisco. Huckleberry House shelter and counseling continues to be a critical service for youth and families in crisis. The program provides six beds for homeless, runaway, and other youth in need of safe shelter and assistance with family reunification. Huckleberry House provides a place for youth to reflect on their lives, open vital communication lines with their families, and develop skills to avert future crises. Huckleberry Youth Programs also provides case management, access to medical care, health education, juvenile justice diversion, and college preparedness to approximately 6,000 youth in San Francisco and Marin County annually.

Website: http://www.huckleberryyouth.org

Newsletter: http://www.huckleberryyouth.org/newsletters.html



LogoLaCasaLa Casa de las Madres was founded in 1976 and became California’s first shelter dedicated to women and children escaping domestic violence.  Today, La Casa’s services have broadened drastically to respond to the vast array of needs that local women, children, and teens at risk of and surviving domestic violence encounter.  They provide expert intervention and prevention programs, thwarting homelessness, intergenerational cycles of violence, trauma, and poverty.  Youth are supported by La Casa through its confidentially-located shelter which houses up to 35 women and their children, a Teen Program which offers anti-dating abuse and domestic violence services tailored to the unique dynamics of adolescence, and a 24-hour Teen Hotline with support available in English and Spanish.  Survivors of all ages are encouraged to access La Casa’s Drop In Center to address the layered impacts of domestic violence on their lives.  The Drop In Center acts as a hub for La Casa’s scope of services including legal support, counseling, case management, and economic empowerment.  Finally, La Casa offers Bay Area community members of all walks of life the tools to develop awareness and strategies to upend the cycle of violence.

Website: http://www.lacasa.org

Newsletter: http://www.lacasa.org/our-voice/



Larkin Street Logo  jpgLarkin Street provides youth between the ages of 12 and 24 with the help they need to rebuild their lives. We give them a place where they can feel safe; rebuild their sense of self-respect, trust, and hope; learn school, life and job skills; and find the confidence to build a future. Larkin Street was founded in 1984 by a group of local business owners, church members, and neighbors who were concerned by the rising number of young people engaging in risky behaviors on the streets of San Francisco. With 25 comprehensive youth service programs located throughout San Francisco in over 14 sites, Larkin Street Youth Services is now an internationally recognized model successfully integrating housing, education, employment, and health services to get homeless and at-risk kids off the streets.

Website: http://www.larkinstreetyouth.org

Newsletter: Http://larkinstreetyouth.org/larkin-street-news/

Did You Know

Did you know that 5,700 troubled youth, ages 12-24, without permanent housing pass through San Francisco on any given year?  STREETSMART4kids aims to help these young people find a better life by raising funds to support through equal donations Huckleberry Youth Programs, La Casa de las Madres and Larkin Street Youth Services.  These organizations offer services that aid physically, sexually and emotionally abused young people by providing them with the resources and the skills they need to realize lives of dignity and economic self-sufficiency.

STREETSMART4KIDS contributions will help to support these programs.