Originally STREETSMARTUSA, STREETSMART4kids™ replicated the STREETSMART fundraising program that was introduced in London by William Sieghart, Chairman of Forward Publishing Co., and Mary Lou Sturridge, Director of the Groucho Club. Their aim was to transform the good cheer exhibited by holiday diners during the months of November and December into positive action by asking restaurant patrons to add a voluntary £1.00 donation to their bill to support charities for the homeless. Today STREETSMART has expanded into fifteen cities across the United Kingdom and in 2002 it raised more than £311,776 for its beneficiary charities.

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Thank you for your interest in starting your own STREETSMART program in your own city. We’ve made it simple and clear how to get started with our comprehensive volunteer and replication manual in PDF format. The manual includes details on partnering with local restaurants, enlisting volunteers and fostering partnerships, tips for fundraising as well as business operations and more. To get started today, simply complete the form below and you’ll gain access to download our manual. A donation is unnecessary but very deeply appreciated.