Originally STREETSMARTUSA, STREETSMART4kids replicated the STREETSMART fundraising program that was introduced in London by William Sieghart, Chairman of Forward Publishing Co., and Mary Lou Sturridge, Director of the Groucho Club. Their aim was to transform the good cheer exhibited by holiday diners during the months of November and December into positive action by asking restaurant patrons to add a voluntary £1.00 donation to their bill to support charities for the homeless. Today STREETSMART has expanded into fifteen cities across the United Kingdom and in 2002 it raised more than £311,776 for its beneficiary charities.

If you are considering a trip to the United Kingdom or would like more information on it’s STREETSMART program, please visit

STREETSMART4kids™ raises funds to support local programs that help give homeless youth in San Francisco another chance at life off the streets. Each year, the organization partners with select San Francisco restaurants for Dine Out and Donate, a six-week long program that gives diners the opportunity to make a donation upon payment of their restaurant bills.

From September 15 through November 15, please consider leaving a $3 donation – or more – in the envelope provided with your check, or inquire with your server about including a donation amount on your credit card payment. 100% of your gift goes to Huckleberry Youth Programs, La Casa de las Madres and Larkin Street Youth Services.

Do good and donate today.

How it works is simple. When paying their bill at participating restaurants, diners are asked to leave a donation via cash, check or credit card. Donation envelopes are provided with the check.

STREETSMART4kids volunteers collect the donations, deposit them at Wells Fargo Bank and at the end of the program, 100% of the money collected is distributed to the Huckleberry House programs at Huckleberry Youth Programs, Casa de las Madres and Larkin Street Youth Services. All funds raised in San Francisco stay in San Francisco. Absolutely none of the donated dollars will be used to fund STREETSMART4kids administrative costs. Rather, STREETSMART4kids covers its administrative expenses with proceeds it generates from marketing sponsorships and from the generosity of private donors.